Last night at dinner a friend asked me, “okay, so you don’t like living in Trumansburg, tell me something you do like about it.” I blanked. I couldn’t think of anything. I believe living with a deep sense of gratitude is important…and it comes to the place I live, I couldn’t think of one thing I was thankful for.

So I worked at it today, and here is what I love about Trumansburg:
– We have a great apartment. It was weird going from owning a home to renting an apartment…but everyone who comes in the first time, says, “wow, this is a great apartment.”

  • They have a Gimme Coffee!
  • Great for bike riding.
  • The Rongo is a pretty cool place to spend an evening.
  • My kids (2 of them at least) love going to school here much more than they did Ithaca.
  • Dan at the post office knows my name, and my PO box number.
  • Kids can walk to their friends houses.
  • Liz likes it here.
  • It cuts out 20 minutes on my drive when I need to go to Rochester or WNY…okay, I’m probably reaching a bit now…but feeling good that I came up with a list…why do you love where you live?