First off, you might be asking yourself who Michael Hyatt is and what a Platform Launch Team is. (although if you spend any time reading blogs, or on Twitter, you probably already know.)

Second thing you might be wondering is, “Bob, don’t you have enough things going on at this point without adding something else?” To answer the second question first…yes I do. But when I heard about the opportunity to be part of a Launch team for Hyatt’s new book [amazon_link id=”159555503X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Platform:Get Noticed in a Noisy World[/amazon_link] (amazon affiliate link), it seemed like a great way to be part of something I’ve never done before…plus, this is a book I’ve been looking forward to for a while.

Back to the first question…Michael Hyatt is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, and one of my favorite bloggers. I first discovered his blog ( in 2009, and have spent a great deal of time there since. While his articles on productivity and leadership have been great, the information he shares on blogging and social media has been what keeps me going back. (It doesn’t hurt that we have a common love for things like Apple computers, Evernote, and other various gadgets & software….although I do not share his love of running.)

So anyway, over the past several month he began talking about a book called Platform that he’d be releasing this spring. The basic idea behind the book is that if you have something important to offer people, simply having a great idea, an amazing product, or terrific content is not enough anymore. We live at a time where there is so much noise that regardless of how great your offering is, you need to be able to break through the static and be heard.

At the same time, we live at a time when it is easy & in expensive to do exactly this…Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress…you get the idea.

As someone who has planted one church, and is moving to Dublin to plant another…I know the struggle I go through at times thinking if we could get people to listen and hear about what it is we want to do, we could get more people involved…we could raise the support we need. I’m sure you’ve experienced similar situations where you know if you could only get people to notice you, it would really make a difference.

Let me share a recent example of why I think building a platform matters. So I have my blog set up here, and for the most part it’s read by people at the Ithaca Vineyard, and some various random people around the country (not that I’m calling you random). Over the past year we’ve shared a bit about our upcoming move to Dublin. Talked about support…and talked about looking for people to move over to Ireland with us to help us plant.

One day I wrote the post about inviting people to move to Ireland, with us & with in a couple hours we were contacted by a family in Idaho who wants to go with us. We met with them on Skype, hit if off, and we’ve all decided to move forward (although for a number of reasons, they’ll be a coming over about a year after us…looking forward to introducing them to you!)

So what is my point? Since I haven’t really invested in building a platform…probably less than 100 people read that post. And out of that, one person forwarded the info to some friends, that he thought would be interested, and we found a quality couple who are interested in selling their stuff & moving to Ireland to plant a church. What if I’d built a platform, before I needed it?(one of the key points in Hyatt’s book)What if 1000 people had seen the post? 5000? I’m guessing there are a few other people out there, with a passion to plant a church, & who love Ireland, who simply have never heard of what we are doing.

As part of the Launch Team, I received a pre-release kindle edition of the book to read. And while working on my final two messages at the Ithaca Vineyard took the majority of my time this week, I did try tweaking a few things on my Twitter account that I picked up in Platform…within 2 days of doing that, I was able to connect with two Vineyard pastors in England, one in N. Ireland, and a couple of people (not Vineyard) who are church planting in Dublin this fall.

While that was great, it has made me think about what would be different if I’d been working on some of this a year ago when we first decided to go. That aside, I’m excited about the book and am going to be implementing a lot of the things I’ve learned over the next few weeks.

If you’re interested in Platform, Michael Hyatt is giving away over $350 dollars worth of material if you purchase your copy by the end of the day on Friday. If you’d like more information about the book, and the promotional items you get when you buy a copy, check out

You can purchase your copy[amazon_link id=”159555503X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]here[/amazon_link]. If you pick up a copy, I’d love to hear what you think!