For the past 6 years a nameless phone book company (vercoughizoncough) has listed the Vineyard Church of Ithaca in their directory under churches.  This year they did not.  And I am very happy about that!

In the first place, come on, who actually uses the Yellow Pages to look for a church?  Google, sure…a ton of people find us through the internet.  But the phone book…I don’t know the last time someone came & said they found us by letting their fingers do the walking.  Now to be fair, there may be a good reason that Ver…I mean that phone book company…has not lead anyone to our church in the past 6 years…BECAUSE THEY HAVE LISTED THE WRONG ADDRESS FOR 6 YEARS!!!

Each year our conversation has gone something like this:

“Would you please fix our address?”


3 months later when the phone book came out…

“Why didn’t you fix our address?”

“I am not authorized to…or you didn’t fill out the correct form…”

Or my favorite was last year, when we actually bought an ad thinking that might inspire them to fix it: “You know, we don’t even have to list you, we are doing you a favor.”

Ummm…not when you list the wrong address you’re not.

So this year they wanted us to put another ad in…and this time they crossed their fingers and hoped to die that they fixed our address…So wouldn’t we please consider paying them again.

So today, the phonebook was left on my doorstep, I opened it up & searched for the Vineyard Church of Ithaca to see where they have us meeting…Well, according to them…we are no longer meeting…but at least we are no longer meeting in the wrong place!