Wow, it’s been 3 weeks since I last wrote a post to updated how things are going here in Ithaca…that in itself probably gives you a bit of an idea.

I’m realizing even before the newest Wilson girl shows up, how out of practice I am with the whole baby thing.  I think I had a lot more energy the first time around 17 years ago!

So, in case you are wondering…it looks like our daughter will come into the world within the next 15 days.  We’re hoping for the week after next, and by next Wednesday, should have a date set.

Healthwise Liz & the baby are doing great!  Although Liz has started getting a lot more tired and one of her legs has been hurting a bit, so prayer would be great.

And as you’ve probably guessed, the new kid isn’t the only one keeping us busy.  This past weekend Brenna was in the play put on by the area’s youth theatre company, Running 2 Places.  She was part of the ensemble in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  She had a great experience and mom & dad were quite proud!  (if you’d like to see some pictures, they are over here)  For the past month, Brenna has had practices from 1 pm to 9 pm every Sunday & then 5 to 9 on Wednesdays.  Then last week, they practised every day, before putting on shows on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Now that that play is over, her practices for the Trumansburg Middle School’s production of Willie Wonka have picked up a lot.

For Hannah & Erin, things have been a little be quieter lately, but they are about to get a bit more intense.  Both girls have signed up for the school softball team (Hannah – Varsity, Erin – JV) and practices start next week.  But in order to keep life interesting, they are both also signing up for Roller Derby.  Yes, Ithaca not only has a team, but they have a couple of junior leagues.  Wonder if roller derby affects insurance rates…

Meanwhile….back at the Vineyard…

As we’ve spent the past 6 weeks or so looking at our vision and values it has been great to see so many great things happening here!  A few weeks ago we held our Broken hearts Club dinner & it was an amazing time!  A number of people in our church were involved with planning & cooking an amazing meal, and we raised $1000 for Love 146!

There’s been a bunch of other great stuff too, but I think I’ll wait a couple days…it’ll give me something else to write about!  Plus, seeing as my wife is supposed to be off her feet as much as possible, I need to head out to do some grocery shopping & work with the kids on some laundry!  Big night at the Wilsons!!