While the blog has been a bit, empty for a while, we are still here!  Thought I take just a minute to quickly recap what’s been going on and hopefully next week we’ll get things up & running again.

How I spent my Summer Vacation:
It is a bit of a blur, but let me try to recap a bit. It started in late June with a trip to California to speak at a weekend retreat for a friend who was part of our church planting team back in 1999. Thing got a little chaotic after that.

We had all three kids go to camp (more on Hannah’s trip on a minute), and all three kids go to grama & grampas. We have put a few miles on the car this summer (and a few hundred dollars into it after dealing with a less than reputable service center).

We put some work into the house, when we weren’t working on the building. Actually it’d be more accurate to say we’ve hired two plumbers, a roofer, and a tree service to work on our house.

Health wise we have had a great summer. Except for Hannah that is. She started off her summer with a concussion, and this past week at camp had a serious reaction to something while she was at the vineyard’s youth camp. Her face was swollen to the point where she was barely recognizable and she has a major case of hives. She is on steroids but still pretty itchy. When they were checking her for the hives, they noticed that there were some other issues that they are running test on…So please keep Hannah in your prayers.

With all of that, Liz and I have decided that it’s our turn for a couple days away! So next week the kids will stay with friends and we’ll head out for a bit.

But in the meantime we are enjoying having all of the girls back home!