As the Ithaca Vineyard has grown over the past 10 years, we have spent a lot of time looking for space.  Except for a 24 month period from ’99 to ’01, we have spent the majority of that time being portable.

Although we had looked for “non-portable” space in the past, this is the first time things are falling into place.  On the one hand that is pretty scary, since I am clearly in over my head.

But at the same time, being way over my head has been exciting.  There have been people in our church with expertice in real estate (Tim & Joan),  design (Theo), HVAC systems (Steve) who have given their time, energy & talents to help this come to pass…& so many others have begun to volunteer to help with various areas where they are gifted.

The other thing that has been exciting is to see how God seems to step in at every turn and provide in ways that have continually surprised us.  Funny, but stuff like that only seems to happen when you are in over your head.