This July 4th weekend will mark the 18 year anniversary of when Liz & I moved to Ithaca from Albany. While I know Liz was hoping we’d settle down in the area and raise our family, I was thinking 5 years and we’d be on to our next adventure. I mean Ithaca was small…it was in the middle of nowhere and they didn’t even have a professional sports team.

Turns out we both fell in love with the place. And if it weren’t for our sensing that God is calling our family to Dublin, Ireland to plant a church, we would have planned on being here for a lot longer.

So since our time in Ithaca is coming to a close, I wanted to write a few posts sharing some of the things I’ve loved about this place. A couple of things to keep in mind…1) I’m writing about “things” not people. If I were to write about people I love, who’ve made our time in Ithaca so amazing, I would be sure to forget a person or two.  Although I reserve the right to write about a person…I don’t plan to do that. 2) I don’t promise that any of this is going to be profound…just talking about stuff I like.

At the same time, I’ll try to keep them a bit shorter than my normal posts. So rather than starting right in, we’ll leave it there for now.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you love about Ithaca.