Confession time.

Sometimes a situation arises and my brain kicks into problem-solving mode.

Occasionally that can be positive. I’m learning more and more that when the “something that happens” is a person, seeing them as a problem to solve is a mindset I need to give up.

I wrote about us losing our house last year because our landlord and the bank were in the middle of a feud. While our initial response was to go into crisis mode, we decided to receive the situation as a gift…until it proved otherwise…it never did. And the move has been a positive in so many ways.

Recently I was sharing with a friend a situation that I was quite frustrated by. By the end of the conversation, I’d moved from “What do I need to do to fix this problem (person)?” to “This seems like an opportunity to trust God, and not become bitter.” The situation didn’t change, but my thinking did.

Too often we sign up to follow Jesus and then expect him to keep us from problems. At the very least he should solve said problems when we complain…I mean pray enough.

I was listening to a sermon recently where the speaker said we often look at Jesus the way we look at politicians. “Hey, I voted for you, because you said you’d fix the roads. Well, there are still potholes. If you aren’t going to do your job, maybe I need to vote for someone else.”

If you’ve got a situation where you find yourself wondering why Jesus isn’t fixing it. Perhaps a good next step is asking what he might want you to know to in the midst of it. It’s worth asking at least.

When I find myself in a challenging situation do I imagine Jesus’ main concern is that I get my way, or that I become more Christlike?

(the photo is from a recent trip to Co. Donegal)