Things have been a bit quiet on the blog, twitter & facebook front.  I’ve been enjoying the first of two weeks vacation over the past week.  I have been on a break from email & most other electronic communications, but wanted to share a few highlights of the past week:

  1. Brenna learned to ride a bike!  It took a lot of time, and a little bit of incentive to get her moving, but she’s doing great.  The incentive?  I need to learn to ice skate this year.
  2. Hannah has a concussion.   A trip to my parents would not be complete without a trip to the Westfield emergency room!  (She’s doing fine…just taking it easy for a week).
  3. Read a couple good books.  Killing Cockroaches and Presentation Zen were both great, & I’m hoping to get 4 more done in the next week.
  4. Attended the first annual Kuschel family reunion (my mom’s side of the family) on Saturday.  Got to see some people I haven’t seen in 15-20 years!  Looking forward to next year.
  5. I’ve been riding my bike a lot…Liz & Erin have gone on some of my shorter trips.
  6. My poison ivy is almost gone.
  7. I’ve gotten to think a lot about how I work as a pastor and how I can be more effective as a leader.
  8. We got a lot of work done on the house/yard last week…hoping to get a bit more done this coming week.

9.  Took the kids to their first ever drive in movie in Elmira (they don’t take debit or credit cards…and they are a long way away from the nearest atm machine).

Probably the last post until vacation is over…Have a great week!