This has been a crazy fall.  Good…mostly…but definitely crazy.  One kid had a broken wrist, with ligament damage, and a pulled hamstring. Another was attacked by a classmate…And as we get ready to go on vacation, the third kid is on crutches.  (she is also the one who was in the emergency room over Thanksgiving for class in her foot.)  And that is simply a small glimpse of how our fall has gone…

Needless to say we are looking forward to these next two weeks.  Likely, I won’t be blogging during this time, but if something really cool happens who’s to say.

A couple things to be praying about…that asbestos abatement is staring over the Christmas break & we should have the building permit once that is all done!  I know that all sounds familiar, hence the prayer request.

Also, we have a pretty exciting announcement to make when we get back too!  We’ll do that on January 11!

Have a great Christmas & New Years!