Often I write a data dump on Fridays, but the last couple weeks have left me a bit short of time when Friday rolls around. However, there are still a bunch of things rolling around in my head, so I thought it’d be best to get some of them out.

(the image above is one from our hike through the Finger Lakes National Forest this weekend. If you are on Google+ you can see other images from our hike…including a bunch of Méabh…there.)

Pastoral Search Team
First thing I wanted to mention is a quick update on the current make up of our church’s pastoral search team (PST). We had our second meeting last night, and I am very excited about the group of people God has gathered to be part of this team.

Although our original plan was to have 4 council members, as well as 6 church members serve on the PST, we currently have 5 church members. The people presently on the PST are, Judy Malys, Chekesha Watson, Wale Adio, Ariel Beverly, Ivan Daykov, Steve Clark, Bill Williams, James Cherian & me. If you have any questions, or comments about this process, please feel free to talk to any of the team members, and they’ll bring your thoughts to the full team.

Please continue to pray for this process. I have a sense God has something pretty amazing in store for us.

The Haunt
This Sunday @ 6:30 pm marks our first Sunday service @ the Haunt.   On Sunday we asked a few things from any people from the Ithaca Vineyard who plan on attending service at the Haunt.  If you are coming,

  1. plan on serving.  (if you’re not sure what that would look like, contact me, or stop by the info table on sunday)
  2. plan on buying food. The Haunt is a business and we want to be a blessing to them…and having them think it’s a good thing for us to be there would be great!
  3. tip generously. Having the workers glad to see us would be great.  (if you’re not sure what a generous tip is, ask a waiter or waitress you know.)
  4. pray. Pray for the people we meet.  Pray for the Haunt. Pray that this would be something God uses to glorify himself.
Over the past few weeks I’ve been spending more time getting ready to begin support raising.  We’ve added an online giving feature, as well as a way to sign up for our newsletter. Over the past couple weeks we’ve been putting together a budget, and are pretty quickly learning that Dublin is not an inexpensive place to live. I mentioned last week that we are having a few challenges with getting the girls enrolled in school, but Liz has been putting in a lot of work on that end. (I’ve even made some calls there…and if you know me, you know how much I dread using the phone!)

Red Sox
Never mind. Maybe I won’t miss baseball after all when we’re in Ireland.

Guess that’s it…
Thought there was more in there, but I guess that was it…or maybe it’s the fact that Méabh just work up & is being very distracting.