Many of you have already heard the news and Liz and I wanted to say thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.

This morning around 1:00 Liz and I got to Cayuga Medical Center. Liz was immediately scheduled for an emergency c-section and Méabh Siobhán was born @ 2:50 am.

Liz is doing great and maybe discharged on Wednesday!

Méabh is also doing well but has been in the NICU since birth. After a couple of x-rays, she was diagnosed with pneumothorax, which basically means there was damage to one lung and air has gotten into her chest cavity. That means her lung cannot fully expand and there are a number of dominoes after that.

Normally the doctor would put a tube in her chest to release the air. However, all of Méabh’s numbers have been so good…& the size of the air pocket, which was rather large, has shrunk dramatically. So rather than do an invasive procedure, the doctor it hoping it will resolve itself.

So that means Méabh will stay in the NICU overnight receiving oxygen & and they’ll take new x-rays and reexamine her tomorrow morning.

Please be praying that: a) the pneumothorax will resolve tomorrow and they won’t have to tube her, and b) that she will be able to leave the hospital with Liz!

Thanks again.