Earlier today, Relevant Magazine tweeted the following:

I want to add two to their list:

  1. Military Analogies. When I was part of a team trainning and coaching potential church planters, there were some who loved to show video clips of Private Ryan…or other battle scences. This is not to downplay the spiritual battle that is engaged in when the gospel is preached, but American military might is not communicating what you think it is. (or even worse, maybe it it). And killing our enemies…is that really the posture we want church planters (or any Jesus follower) taking into their communities.Phrases like “taking the hill for Jesus” could go away as well.
  2. Canned, Made Up Stories. Either read good books, and use stories you find there, or pay attention to what is going on around you and pull examples there. I’m not a fan of book burning, but if we are burning copies of canned sermon illustrations I will nod approvingly.

Anything you would add to the list?