Wow.  I am exhausted.  I am excited.  I’m a little lost for words. Me as well as 9 others from the Ithaca Vineyard just completed going through Transformation Weekend (tw) at the Vineyard of Greater Boston.  We came here thinking that we might want to bring something like this to Ithaca…we left sure that we do.

One thing I love about the Vineyard is how they are really bad at making money.  I spoke for a while with the pastor here who oversees tw & he said if you want to do this, we’ll give you everything…teacher’s notes, student notes, all the promo & letters, etc.

Anyway, the weekend  was great.  The best words I heard to describe it were “it’s like a spiritual detox.”  I’ll get some of the people who went through it to post some thoughts as well.  I’m excited about seeing tw coming to Ithaca in the near future!

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