I am long-winded. Not so much when I talk…I tend to be relatively brief when I speak…but when I write, yeah I do tend to ramble a bit. Why just the other day…oh wait…sorry.

Oh Boy! A NewsletterNow the headline above, my trying to be brief, doesn’t have to do with all of my writing…but rather with one specific part…our monthly e-newsletter.

Over the past several weeks I’ve been thinking about our monthly enewsletters (the most recent which just came out today.) And here’s what hit me:

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters (generally with the intention to read them). However, when they show up in my inbox, it is rare that I have time to sit down and read through it. So I leave it in my inbox for a few days…hoping that I’ll get to it. Or, when I’m being perfectly honest with myself, hit the archive button because I know I’m not ever going to read it.

Now, while I would love to think that when the latest edition of the Wilsons In Dublin newsletter shows up in your inbox, you drop everything, read through it, and then call in members of your family so that you can read it to them…I think it is safe to say that doesn’t happen.

When I do click on a newsletter, and it is long, I can feel my brains start to shut down and my eyes begin to glaze over. Yet for some reason I keep writing long newsletters.

So here’s what we’re planning. From now on, our newsletters are going to be extremely brief. A couple of quick items, a link or two, some pictures and that’s it.

Then, about two to four times per year, we’ll send out a paper copy, with some of the bigger things going on.

Of course, we’ll still have this site up and running so you can check in to keep up on the latest news from Dublin.

So if you’ve been hitting the delete/archive button when our newsletter shows up, hopefully, you’ll give us another chance:-)

If you are not subscribed, you can do that here.

And as we mentioned, you can read our latest newsletter here.