Last year M & I both guessed correctly who the person of the year would be. I figured we’d take a stab at it again this year.

When I asked her who she would pick, I was impressed that her top two picks were “Biden or Dolly Parton.” And then she settled on Dolly because of all the lives she saved this year.

But when we looked online and saw that Dolly wasn’t an option. Although she seems like a better choice than many… M asked, “Did BTS save lives with their pop songs?”

So, since she can’t write in Dolly, Parton, she is hedging her bet with Pelosi or Biden.

While I still think that her first guess was a good one. I’m going with Dr. Fauci. The pandemic did define 2020 in so many ways and he clearly became the voice of reason for many!

The announcement is December 10.

How about you…what is your guess?