Exciting week ahead before going on vacation for a couple weeks starting Monday…quick list in case you are interested:

A couple meeting to look over how some of our ministries are structured.  We’ll be working on some job descriptions & stuff like that.  Later tonight we’ll take the girls out to shop for some summer clothes.  They have all grown like crazy this past year.

Weekly staff meeting to review this past week and plan for next Sunday.  Another meeting to help structure ministries at the church.  Tuesday night we’ll head over to the building to do some more dry walling.

Rumor has is that today is the day the cooling units are being installed on the top of our building.  We’ve heard that if it is really windy they need to use helicopters to install them…that would be pretty cool.  We’ll also be starting a review of our web presence.  Get some ideas about what is working & what isn’t.  Of course, Wednesday night is week 2 of SEEK!  We had a great turn out last week.  This is the last official day for school in Ithaca too.  (although Hannah ended last Friday, & Erin on Tuesday).  Brenna has a half-day today & then we take her to her first overnight camp.

Although our current building situation has me working out of my bedroom…today will be my last official day in the office until mid-July.  So I’ll be trying to catch up  & get ahead on some last minute stuff.

On Friday I fly out of Ithaca early and head to LA.  One of the students who helped us plant the church back in 1999 is on staff at a church out there and has asked me to speak at their annual retreat.  So I’ll be heading out on Friday & taking the red-eye home on Sunday night.  Would have loved to hang out in California a bit, but want to be back with the family so we can get our vacation started on Monday.

Please be praying for us as we travel, and that God would give us a restful & enjoyable vacation!