At 2:15 this afternoon, my flight from Dublin to Boston will take off and shortly after that the 6 of us will be the most spread out we have ever been.

  • One of us will be over the Atlantic Ocean
  • Two of us will be in Ireland
  • One will be in Northern Ireland
  • One in Massachusetts
  • One in Pennsylvania.

I’ll be reunited with Hannah tonight…On Saturday Brenna will head back to Ireland, while Hannah & I will pick up Erin in Long Island, and then Tuesday morning the three of us will land in Dublin, and the 6 of us will be back together for the first time since we ate breakfast at Manos Diner on July 16th. And hopefully, we’ll be able to go directly from the airport to our new house!

While Liz and Méabh will hopefully be getting a couple of days to rest and relax (they both need a lot more sleep), the rest of us will spend most of our weeks at conferences or camps.

After I land at Logan Airport, I’m driving over to the Cambridge Vineyard for the annual Blue Ocean Summit. While I went to the first one, I haven’t been in a few years, and am looking forward to getting there this year. In addition to some extended time with Hannah, I’ll be able to hang out with a few friends from the Ithaca Vineyard, as well as some from other Vineyards. Depending on wifi & should be blogging & tweeting from the conference.

On Wednesday we drive back to Ithaca and I’m hoping to get down to the Commons and buy a suit or at least a sport coat…I just have to see if they can heave it ready before I leave on Friday. One of Liz’s aunts passed away last week and the memorial service is on Saturday…so Hannah & I will go to that. If I had known a day earlier, I wouldn’t have dropped my sport coat, ties & other suitable clothing up at Liz’s dad’s place. Oh well, I need a suit anyway…it is actually one of the downsides of not dressing up in the Vineyard…you never wear a suit…and when something comes up where you actually need one, you don’t have one, or the one you have has been attacked by moths since it was last worn.

On Thursday Hannah & I will be running a bunch of errands, I have to go to the dentist & get my teeth and gums sandblasted…and on Friday, hopefully, the braces come off… although I’m not sure how they are going to have a retainer ready before I leave. Hmmm.

Saturday is the memorial in Long Island. And then I think I pick up Erin from the Rockville Center Vineyard very very late that night. On Sunday and Monday, we’ll do laundry, pack up our bags and at 9:15 on Monday night board another plane and head to Dublin.

Appreciate you’re prayers as we head into this week.

Hope to connect if you’re in Boston, Ithaca, or Long Island!