We caused a bit of confusion on Sunday…the bulletin (which was printed & prepared on Thursday) said we were moving to the mall for 3 months starting in mid-August. in fact the latest blog entry says the same thing.

However, we got a call on Friday afternoon (while I was in NYC) saying that we would be able to hold two services at the school this fall until we move into the new place…previously we were told we might only be able to have one service.  With the way that we are growing this summer, once the fall hits, there is simply no way we could all squeeze into one service.

Now, I know we were all looking forward to a place with air conditioning & no need to set up every week…but the thing is, we actually are maving into a place with a/c & no need to set up every week…we’ll just be doing it in November instead.

And this way we only have to move once & we can focus all of our attention on getting the new place ready!  Thanks for your understanding!