A key idea in my dissertation was polycentric leadership. Rather than the pyramid-shaped hierarchical model most of us as used to, a polycentric model has multiple centres of influence or leadership. 

The idea was introduced in a chapter of a book from the Drucker Foundation in 1998 written by Susan Morse. Around a decade later, JR Woodward picked up on the concept as a model for church leadership. Others have written on the topic since, but the leading person behind the idea currently is Joe Handley, who literally wrote the book on Polycentric Leadership.

Recently, we have been chatting a bit over email, and he has asked if he could share my dissertation and presentation on his blog. That was pretty cool! Another polycentric themed post will likely be winding up on his site in the new year. 

The only thing that isn’t cool is that the person who put my post up misspelled my name. So I guess Bib Wilson is my official pseudonym.