Random Thoughts gather while wondering where Elizabeth & I (& Méabh) should go while our 3 teenagers will all be out on the town to night. (actually, one of them doesn’t actually become a teenager until midnight…but close enough!)

It is hitting me more and more that shipping my library over to Ireland is not likely to be on the list of essentials in getting us over there. About every couple of weeks I go through & cull a few more from my shelves. If only Amazon would let you trade in your books for a free Kindle edition.  Oh well.

I Can’t Wait for the Super Bowl to be Over:
As much as I’m hoping that the Giants lose this Sunday (yes, I’m still upset about the 1991 Super Bowl, which in my mind ranks right up there with Buckner in 86), I’ll be glad when all the New England media stops talking about the Patriots and starts focusing on the fact that pitchers & catcher report this month.

New to the Vineyard?:
This Sunday we’ll be having a newcomers’ lunch for anyone who has begun attending the Ithaca Vineyard over the past several months. It’ll be a great time to meet some of the Vineyard leaders as well as some other Vineyard newcomers. Should be lots of good food too!

Speaking of Sunday:
We’ll be starting a new message series this week called “Let Go.” AND we are back to 2 services…@ 9:15 am & 11 am.

One of the big things Liz & I are working on new is gathering people who are willing to pray for us as we transition from Ithaca to Dublin, and as we get established there. If you’re interested, we’d love for you to sign up @ www.dublinchurchplant.com/enews

Well, looks like it is about time for me to catch my bus, & I can already feel my brain shutting down for the night! Have a great weekend.