"YouVersion Reading Plans"Here we are at the final day of 2009, and just a year ago many of you probably decided “one of my goals for 2009 is to read through the bible next year.”  So how did you do?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say those of you who made it had some sort of system you were working, and those who didn’t make it, didn’t.  I’m also going to guess that those of you who didn’t spent at least sometime beating yourself up about this.  And you’ve probably learned that felling guilty and beating yourself up isn’t all that productive.  In fact, if you went down that path, you probably ended up avoiding the bible, even more than you would have.

In a few hours 2009 will be over.  It is done.  So, let’s take some of the things we’ve learned, move on and then file this year away.

Let me put a plug in here for having a plan.  I wrote about my bible reading plan here a few weeks ago.  I’ve stuck with it for a number of years because for me it works.  It is manageable, I enjoy it, and every year I read through the bible at least once.   I know my plan doesn’t work for everybody, but there is a plan that’ll work for you…so let me suggest 20 or so different plans.

The people over at YouVersion, have posted a over 20 different reading plans which you can start at anytime. Now, not all of them will get you through the bible, in a year.  Some will do it in 6 months, others will get you there in 2 years….but they will all get you reading the Bible regularly, and that’s the goal!

Now, I’m sure there are some who think we’ll, I’m just not much of a reader.  Well, great news, they even have audio versions that you can listen to!

So today, or tomorrow, when ever you have a few extra minutes head over to YouVersion, look over the plans they have listed there, and try one.  And next year, when people are talking about wanting to read through the bible in a year, you’ll be able to share you’re plan with people and encourage them to give it a shot.

When you pick a plan, please come back & post it here on the blog…I’d love to hear what you’re doing!