Accident from 2008

There were all types of things Liz and I planned to work on today.

However, when your insurance company calls & says, “we are going to cancel your policy,” getting that resolved has a way of  moving itself to the front of your agenda.

So, way back when we first bought a car, we also needed to figure out the Irish insurance process. They needed a statement from our old insurance company in NY stating how many “incidents” we had over the past 5 years.

When we first signed up with this company, we gave them an emailed copy of our report from our insurance company.  And even though we had two incidents, after Liz explained that my accident was the other driver’s fault and explained how “no fault’ insurance works…no problem.

Now all they needed was a hard copy from our insurance company and everything would be grand.

(you know where this is going, don’t you?)

Today, they got a hard copy (well a fax copy…which doesn’t really count…long story) but when the next person up the line saw my accident, they weren’t thinking no fault & said our insurance was going to need to be cancelled.

“Oh, and don’t drive the car today…”

So everything we had on the agenda…like me looking for a job, and Liz doing some shopping for the girls & trying to take Méabh out and go meet some people…they get pushed back a bit.

First step…I walked around Raheny & prayed for about an hour or so. Well, the truth is I’ve been doing that since we got here…but today I just added an occasional, “and could you please get our insurance thing figured out?”

The time difference is a bit of an issue of course. We get a call at 10 am…it’s still 5 am in Ithaca, and nothing is opening for the next 3-4 hours anyways.


Then at 8:30 EST (1:30 Irish time), Liz talked to our Ithaca Insurance people…she even called a person she met once at the Ithaca Police office.

Within a few hours we had copies of the accident report…explanations about failure to yield the right of way and what “no fault meant…as well as how I am considered 20% at fault for the picture you see above, while the other guy is 80% at fault…

And long story short…by the end of the day we had our insurance back.

We owe a lot of thanks to Skype, as well as a couple people in Ithaca who helped us out in a major way today!

What was the last thing that popped up on your radar screen one day and changed everything you were planning on?