clock - change timeThis afternoon I was scheduled to take part in a video call with a group from the States. (This is part of a coaching huddle that I wrote about previously). As you might not know, unless you live in Ireland, while Daylight Savings Time began in the US last week…here it doesn’t start until the last weekend in March.

Because we are frequently in contact with friends and family back in the States, we keep the time difference front and centre in our thinking:

  • East Coast is 5 hours behind
  • Central (which I still can’t figure out where the borders are) is 6 hours behind.
  • Mountain 7 hours behind and
  • Pacific is 8.

Of course for 1 week in autumn, and 3 in spring, that all changes. It’d be like having your favourite food need to bake at 220 Celsius…except for a week in November, and 3 weeks in March, where you need to bake at 202, or you will totally ruin it.

I missed this call last autumn when the time change occurred, so this time I noted the change in my calendar app so I wouldn’t miss it again. Obviously, my brain is very much equipped to ignore my calendar alerts when it believes that it already knows the information the alert is giving me.

So that happened.

But overall, it was a week of really good conversations. (Mostly with people here in Ireland, since I didn’t need to add or subtract an hour to talk to them). A few of the conversations were scheduled…a few came out of the blue…some were about church planting in Clontarf…some occurred while hanging out over a pint. And each instilled this sense of, “I’m really grateful that we are in Dublin.”

Now if only I can figure out the whole time change thing.