This afternoon, Liz, Méabh, and I drove from Chicago to Dayton, Ohio. We had lunch in Dayton and then headed on to Columbus. But we needed gas first.

This has been one of the problems we have encountered on the trip so far. At gas stations, the pumps ask for our zip code for our credit cards. While our cards are American issued, we have an Ireland address. Well, the zip code for our credit cards is “Dublin 3”. Try punching that into to a gas pump.

The good news is normally you can pay inside without the zip code. Today we stopped at a Circle K station. They would not let us pre-pay. So I pumped the gas, and when Liz paid inside, it asked for a zip code. She comes to tell me that, but I am dealing with a notice from our bank saying there is suspicious charges on our account (since we have charges in Ireland and the States.)

So, while I try to get our card reinstated, Liz talks to the manager. We finally relent and take out our Irish debit card. We’ve avoided it because the foreign transaction fees will be through the roof…but we have no choice…it won’t take that one either.

The manager tells us we can take money out of the ATM with our credit card…but we have no idea what our pin number is because we never need it. We have no idea what to do.

That’s when a woman comes up and asks us if we live outside the country. She shares a similar experience she had while visiting her son in China. She says no one should have to go through that. And she offers to pay for our gas.

We can’t refuse.

We ask for her name and address so we can reimburse her. And she tells us that she doesn’t care if she is reimbursed.

We have sent her a check from our account…but that lady’s kindness absolutely blew us away…and I had to share that here.

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