We have been seeing way to much of the world through a windshield lately.

We are now in the third and final leg of our Home Missions Assignment. And it might be catching up with me.

Yesterday morning we left Western NY at 6 am (after just under 3 hours of sleep) and drove to Ithaca, NY for a very full day of seeing friends.

In mid-afternoon we drove to the Commons to stop by Trader K’s (one of the things I miss most about Ithaca). We did a quick shop, and I went to drop the stuff in our van while Liz and the girls went to Taste of Thai (one of the other things I miss most about Ithaca) to meet friends for dinner.

After the meal, we walked back to the car and noticed that I never closed the side door after putting the bags in it.

Adrenaline rush.

Brenna and I searched the van, and nothing was missing. Even the change clearly visible between the two front seats was untouched.

I don’t know if everyone assumed that someone was in the car, or if people in Ithaca are just incredibly honest.

Either way, I need to catch up on some sleep.