Okay, let me say up front that this is a bit of an experiment & feels a bit strange.  A 30 minute video of me talking is not something that I’ve ever stuck up on this site before.  The video itself will explain why we are doing this, but I want to speak a bit to the format.

We actually did two runs of this.  In the one we’ve used, the distance makes the sound not quite as good as i’d like, and the picture quality is a bit fuzzy at times.  In the one we didn’t use…the sound was great, the picture quality was excellent, but it was suggested that it looked like “a cable access show with me ranting into my webcam” (actually it was a Flip Camera ) (amazon affiliate link)

So, I’m not super happy with how this came out, but as I mention here, this was a message we wanted to make sure was available to everyone who is part of the Ithaca Vineyard.