I don’t know about you, but I’m still pretty jazzed about this past Sunday @ the Vineyard!  Between the video, the baptism and the celebration, it was a great morning.  I wanted to take a minute here and thank a couple people for all the effort they put in to making this a great morning.

First off I want to say a special thanks to Jay Salbert.  Jay is a student up at Ithaca College and did all of the interviewing, video taping, editing, etc., to prepare the video we saw on Sunday!  And of course he pulled double duty on Sunday by filming the baptism & coming in early to make coffee!

I also wanted to thank each of you who shared your stories on Sunday.  (Jason & Erin Smith, Kevin Cornell, Dan & Lindsay Stevens, Jacob Kuehn and Stacey Oh).  As I’ve written previously, 2009 was a bit of a rough year in the life of our church, and as a leadership team it hearing your stories, were an amazing encouragement to us.  We would hear what God was doing in your lives and usually follow it up by saying, “that’s why we’re doing this!”  Thanks for sharing with the whole church, I know you had a great impact!

Next, a quick thanks to Moses Ong & Johnathan Skuce.  Both of them helped in the aftermath of our “slight flooding issue.”  (another reason I’m glad we bough the carpet squares). Johnathan also made sure the main area was all back in shape after the flood. Moses also ran home to grab towels for those who forgot to bring them for the baptism.

There were so many of you who came in early to serve and your efforts made this an amazing day.  Thank you for being a part of it!

I’d love to hear your person highlight from Sunday.