So we are at the mall, Liz asks me to hold a bag while she runs in to a store.  I’m pretty sure I picked it up…in fact one or two kids remember seeing me with it.  We’re just not sure where it is at this point.  Thankfully most of the day went better than that.

• One of the coolest things from today was having a young woman at church from my home town.  Most people don’t even don’t even know where Brocton is, so meeting another BCS grad was a nice surprise.

• However, I’m sure that isn’t why most of you who are here showed up on my blog tonight…James mentioned this morning that we’d be posting here tonight how we did with the pledges for the building fund.   So as you remember our goal was to raise $60,000 in pledges over the next 6 months.  And, well, we didn’t make it.  In fact, we didn’t really even get all that close. We started the day with $5,550 in pledges and today received another $7,777.  Now, on the one hand we still are not even 25% of the way towards our goal.  On the other hand, 7777 is a pretty cool number!

So where do we go from here?  Well, obviously we’ll be using the pledges that do come in to start working on some of the more immediate needs (starting with the kids area).  Of course we’ll we are still open for pledges to come in after today towards the building.  In fact, it seems like the weather kept some people away this morning, so over the next week or so, there may be some other pledges coming in over the next few days.  We’ll keep you up to date.

Have a great week!