Happy first day of Spring! Well, for us here in Europe…for those of you in the States, you’ve got another 50 days or so. It still seems weird to have seasons not determined by solstices and equinoxes, but, when in Rome I guess.

This morning I travelled to Blackrock, which is one of my favourite places in Dublin. I was meeting with a friend to interview him for a Forge assignment I’m doing.  I took the train there, and got distracted reading. When I got to one stop, I realised I hadn’t checked which stop we were at, thought it looked like Blackrock’s Dart Station, so I got off. I was in Booterstown.

But the next train was coming in 12 minutes which would still get me there in time…barely. Ten minutes later, and the train was still showing up in 12 minutes.  I did eventually get there and had a good conversation, and learned a lot.

And on the way home, I internally got off a stop early so I could walk and pray a bit.

IMG_2790While I was originally thinking of this series of posts as stuff that caught my eye on the inter webs, today I was walking home on the Promenade when I spotted this. I’m sure there’s a story there somewhere.









So anyways, a few links I found interesting today…

From Jesus Creed : Situational Obedience

The Very Real Dark Underbelly of Gentrification // Andrea Kihlstedt

Waterford Whispers is basically the Irish Onion: Gardaí Appeal For Help With Everything

And a couple of bonus links…My Jogging Playlist:


Part of my normal jogging path through St. Anne’s Park.

Usually while I run I listen to audiobooks, but since I’m currently between books this morning I listened to a couple of podcasts.

The first was a Sunday message from the Tampa Underground on Genesis 1 & 2. Really good message overall, but I especially liked the parts about life in paradise and the section where he talked about chicken wings in the back of your van.

The other podcast was one by Michael Hyatt about ensuring that you spend your life on those things that are essential. Got a good book recommendation, and I really want to try the “spend your days on paper” exercise.

So that was my first day of spring.