Last week is a bit of a blur…

Sunday: Drive to Syracuse…Fly to JFK…Sleep on chairs in JFK

Monday: Get up at 5 am…Fly to New Orleans…Discover Cafe Du Monde

Tuesday & Wednesday:  Walk around New Orleans…fly back to Syracuse…get to bed at 2:30 am

Thursday: Up at 7:30 am for my one day in the office…get to bed too late.

Friday: Up at 4 am…leave at 5:30 for Cambridge, MA

(at some point on the drive to Cambridge, I remember my message from the previous Sunday where I said you needed to get enough sleep and rest on a regular basis.)

Friday – Saturday: Take part in Transformation Weekend.  Wow!

Sunday: Church @ the Boston Vineyard…Drive back to Ithaca…Baptize 4 people from the Ithaca Vineyard.  Go to bed (but sadly too tired to sleep).

Monday: One kid to the doctors in the morning…another to the doctor’s in the afternoon, in Syracuse.  Hope to catch up on some work later that night, but the thunderstorm knocked out the electricity & took care of that idea.

Tuesday: Go to moving up ceremony for my oldest kid.  Do I really have a kid in high school? (Of course when my dad was my age, his oldest was a senior in college).

Tonight I need to mow my lawn…& a good night sleep would be nice!