20140106-140818.jpgHope you had a great holiday season. Our family had a relaxing and very enjoyable Christmas and a quiet New Year’s week where our biggest accomplishment was messing up our normal sleep routine by staying up way too late.

(The image above is a road down to the beach near our house, that as you can see was impacted by the recent flooding)

The biggest excitement of our time off was going to the Bord Gais Theatre to see Wicked. The girls have loved the music for years, and this was our plan for our big family Christmas present since we first heard last February they were bringing it to Dublin. It was a great night and the kids loved it.

Today however we are all back at it. Erin and Brenna are back to school, while Liz, Méabh and I are up Co. Monaghan to finish some work on the flat so that we can hopefully rent it out soon. **

The only person not working today is Hannah who has been working a lot at her new job.

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Liz and I are taking part in a series of meetings sponsored by the Irish Church Planting Network. (There’s is the website I was asked to create to advertise this event.)

The main speaker for the event is the pastor of a church in England that is headquarters for 3dm Europe. While I have been getting so much out of being part of a 3dm coaching huddle for the past few months, I’m looking forward to hearing how the whole process works itself out in a local church.

In between, I’ll be doing some job hunting.

With the craziness of life, I ended up not reading as much as normal last year. This year is off to a much better start and I’m looking forward to talking about what I’m reading soon.

Here on the blog, we’re planning to begin sharing on a regular basis what we are learning about life in Dublin. (Although I think my next post will be about something totally unrelated to that!)

That’s it from here. Drop us a note as we’d love to hear from you.

**update- we found a tenant and they’ve already put down a deposit!