Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling bad that I haven’t been reading all that much…I’ve stopped blogging except for the occasional last minutes post…& I haven’t even twittered (tweeted?) all that much.  And every once in a while it hits me…oh yeah, I guess I’m spending a few extra hours each week up a the building.

Last night we had a big push to get everything ready for when we met with the code officer today.  Although we didn’t get a large turnout, we had an extremely committed group.  Three people left at 10:30.  Another around 11.  One more at 12:30 am.  And then the final four of us took off at 1:15 am.

Then we were back up to the building around 9 am for two big inspections.  The first one, our FINAL electrical inspection was at 9 & we passed!  The second one, was more of a preliminary inspection…the code officer, with through & told us what he’ll be looking for on Friday.  So we have two more workdays to finish everything off.  (Our landlord actually has a bigger list, but last we heard, they were confident they’d finish on time!)

So if you’d like to help out over the next few days, here is what we are looking at:

Tonight 6:30 to 8:30 pm: a lot of projects to get ready for the inspection.

Thursday – 6 pm to 9 pm: more of the same.

Friday late morning early afternoon: We need people to help us unload 6800 sq ft of carped tiles.  (we won’t know exact time until later)

Saturday: Laying carpet tiles (no glue, no mess!) Setting up kids rooms, setting up chairs & making sure everything is ready for Sunday!!

And we promise…no more 1 am finish times!