A news story came out this week reporting that volunteering in America rose dramatically in the past year.  Many expected that the recession would cause people to be less likely to give their time to the cause of their choice, but actually the opposite happened.  In fact the number of volunteers rose by 1.6 million people in 2009 to 63.4 million!

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the number one place people choose to serve is at the religious organization that they are part of (35%), a distant second was educational organizations (26%).

One of the things about working with a church, is that you are a volunteer organization.  There is simply no way we could do what God has called us to do without the amazing group of people who give of their time and effort week in and week out, simply because they love what is going on here!

So first off let me say thank you to each of you who serve so faithfully here @ the Ithaca Vineyard…It is so appreciated!

Let me share a quick story…I won’t mention any names so I don’t embarrass him.  A week ago a conversation was overheard and one guy said to another, “I didn’t know if I was scheduled this week, so I just came in early anyways.”  And while that was one person, there are so many here who share that heart, & I love being part of a place like this!

Let me just say one other thing about serving…specifically to those of you who maybe haven’t found a place that works for you yet, or maybe you’ve been doing something for a while & are looking for a change.  While there are some obvious opportunities that everyone sees every Sunday, that are many areas, requiring diverse interests, skill, and personalities, where there are opportunities.  If you’d like to sit down with me, or one of the leaders here at the Vineyard & figure out where you can use the gifts & passions God has given you to serve, let me know.

Thanks again to all of you who serve here @ the Ithaca Vineyard!!