The view from our street. Dublin Bay, Bull Island and the Irish Sea in the background.

Our New Neighbourhood. Dublin Bay, Bull Island and the Irish Sea in the background.

Summer is officially over. It seems like we just got off the plane from our time in NY, but that was almost 2 months ago.

And with the start of autumn, we are enjoying a chance to catch our breath and get our heads back above water for a bit.

In early August, we took a bit of a holiday up at Liz’s family farm in County Monaghan. While we were there, we drove into the north a few times, and spent a good amount of time simply relaxing.

(Of course the day we drove into Derry and found ourselves in the middle of a parade, was not all the relaxing…but otherwise it was a good trip.)

The day after arriving back in Dublin from Monaghan was moving day and we began the process of moving into our new house in the Dollymount area of Clontarf. While all of our stuff is moved over, we are still working to figure out where to put everything as our new place is drastically smaller than the old place. (But we have actual broadband now!)

And then tomorrow, is the first day of school for Erin and Brenna. They each had to attend an assembly at their school earlier this week. Brenna went for an hour on Monday and then had Tuesday and Wednesday off. Brenna is starting the second year of her Junior Cert., and Erin is entering the first year of her Leaving Cert.

A lot of other stuff is in the works as we head into September and we look forward to sharing it with you.