While I’m enjoying vacation with my family, I’m taking a brief break from blogging as well.  In the meantime, I’ve set it up so that over the next 10 days I’ll be transferring some of the posts from my old blog over here.  Hope you enjoy.  See you in 2010!
Tuesday NightTwo pastors from the New Orleans [not vineyard] area came to say thanks to the Vineyard for helping to rebuild their churches after Katrina.  The Vineyard has been involved down there a lot since the disaster hit.  It was great to see God using the Vineyard to bless other churches in the midst of something like that.After these two men left the stage, Bert Waggoner announced that Medical Teams International contacted the Vineyard & said we have money & you have people, so they have pledged $30,000 per month to the Vineyard to help rebuild houses in  New Orleans.  (if any Ithaca Vineyard people would like to take a trip down & get involved, let me know!)

Lance Pittluck (the senior pastor of the Anaheim Vineyard is the main speaker tonight.He talked about the Vineyard and the Kingdom of God.  Below are a few comments that really stood out.

• He was asked once what the Vineyard distinctive was, & he said, “the in-breaking of the kingdom…this idea that God can come in at any time & touch people.”

• At one point he was travelling with Blaine Cook doing healing conferences.  He said after about 6 or 8 he started to feel like he was an expert.  At one point he was sat down by Carol Wimber who told him, you’re doing this backwards…don’t focus on the power. Focus on His presence & you’ll have his power.

Lance summed up by saying that when Jesus comes, he does everything that Jesus does…The power is in the presence.

A couple of other quotes:

The whole history of the Vineyard came out of John & Carol Wimber’s heart.  And that was a passionate pursuit of God.

Without the presence of God, we are not the church.

Dallas Willard: “It is the nature of spirit to go where it is wanted.”
At the end he called up everyone who was under 35 or was here for the first time…which basically meant everyone from Ithaca except me:)  I remember when I used to be in the under a certain age group that got called upfront at these things no more.  Eric Sandras mentioned earlier today that he was part of Gen X and how there aren’t many of them left.  As another Gen-X’er it is pretty weird how that was cool for like 5 minutes & then it was over.  It still seems the Boomers are always getting attention, & now the millennials as well…but being overlooked is kinda what Gen-X is all about:-)

One thing that hit me today…Liz & I came into the Vineyard the same year that John Wimber died.  We were at our first vineyard conference in Long Island in 1997 & Wimber was scheduled to be one of the main speakers.  He was too sick to attend & died about a month later.

Because of that I always feel like I got to the Vineyard late.  As we celebrate our 25 years, it is weird to think when this thing is 100-200 years old, we were there almost at the beginning.  Which made me wonder what the Ithaca Vineyard will look like in 100 years.  I hope we are building something that will be impacting Ithaca for Jesus long after all of us are gone.