For the past week, 11 of us from the Ithaca Vineyard have been down here in the Poconos for the Vineyard’s regional conference.  It has been a weird sort of limbo week for me & Liz.  On the one hand, we are basically done with our work at the Ithaca Vineyard for the rest of the summer, and at the same time, we are looking ahead to our trip to Ireland that starts on Monday.  When I first got down here, I was figuring I’d be blogging, tweeting & sending a bunch of updates for what was going on here.  Looking back at my timeline, I made a comment on Monday that we had arrived & now I’m making a note that we are leaving.  It’s been that kind of week.

The other day, Erin Smith said, “Remember when you used to write a blog?”  Ouch.  Then she said, “It’s okay, I’m probably the only one who reads it!”  But anyway, that’s not true, because I’m pretty sure my mom checks in every few months or so.

So, in getting ready for our sabbatic…both in planning the trip (although we still don’t know where we are staying in London on Tuesday & Wednesday), and in getting things ready at the church I haven’t had time to do much blogging.

I am planning to do a bit of writing while we are on our trip.  Some days might be various things I’m thinking about…other days might just be a few random pictures from a day of sightseeing.  Just so you know, I will have the comment section turned off while I’m gone…otherwise, I’m likely to dive back into work & incite the ire of my 4 travelling companions!

So we are just about to wrap things up here, head back to Ithaca, and pack for our trip.  We’d love your prayers for our trip…that this would be a great time for all 5 of us, and God would do some great things in & through us while we are there!

See you in September!