Liz and I returned last week from a conference near London. One of my goals, when I go to a conference, is to come away with some good book recommendations. And I got a few this time!
I’m currently about halfway through Rare Leadership and Building a Story Brand. The latter has been a great help as I start my new marketing role in Communitas. The former has followed up well to Desiring the Kingdom, by James K. A. Smith which I read last month. Rare Leadership, and Desiring the Kingdom have been important in helping me work through some major ideas I’ve been wrestling with around the church we are are planting in Dublin.
But my major take away was something I heard second-hand. One day I was rushing to get Méabh out of our room so we could get to the next place we needed to be. That is when Liz mentioned that earlier that day she heard one of the speakers say,
“Efficiency is the enemy of relationship.”
There are certain things you hear that stick.
This has stuck.
Every time I’m tempted to rush someone so I can get to the next thing…whatever that might be, that quote runs through my brain. And that’s a good thing.
I’m not saying I don’t sometimes choose efficiency . I’m not saying sometimes you don’t need to. ”The ferry departs at 8:20…we need to be there at 7:50…you need to hurry.”
But I am saying, in general, I need to sacrifice efficiency  because it really doesn’t gain what it costs.
*ed. note. Corrected post to read efficiency rather than expediency