Tomorrow morning at 4:30 Liz and I take a taxi to the airport for a weekend trip to Amsterdam. Communitas is leading a Future Church Symposium at Crossroads International Church. We decided to go at the last moment, and there look to be a lot of interesting issues being discussed.

Mortgage Updates

We currently have 2 mortgage applications in play. One of the banks is hung up on a clergy housing allowance, the other seems to be asking for every possible document they can think of.

It appears that the housing issue will likely be resolved first…the problem is that even if they approve a mortgage, they have stated it will be quite a bit less than we had asked/hoped. We are trying to discern how best to proceed

This has been an insane process. And while we have remained relatively positive, there are days when it is quite discouraging.


While Liz and I are in Amsterdam, Méabh will be home with her sisters. She has no school on Friday or Monday…St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

I’d write more, but it feels like my brain is about to melt. Hope you have a good weekend!