Realised while riding home on an overcrowded bus that I haven’t share any updates recently…probably not since we moved in. So I thought I’d share some random thoughts. the photo above is us enjoying a fire in out back garden

Méabh was sitting with me as I wrote this, and then the ice cream man came down the street…I rarely get to see her move that fast. Speaking of moving, she took a wall climbing class earlier this week and loved it. I actually took a climbing class with a friend…and I am afraid of heights…actually, I’m more afraid of depths as I did okay as long as I didn’t look down. The climbing centre isn’t too far from where we live and we are enjoying the exercise. Liz is planning on going with us soon!

Méabh finishing off one of her climbs.

We officially moved into the new place on July 5 and turned in the keys on our old place on July 11. At this point, we have unpacked nearly all of our boxes, but we still have quite figured out where everything goes. When you move house in Ireland, you generally take all of your non-installed appliances with you. In other words, you take the fridge but leave the dishwasher. We were excited when we saw that they left the washing machine as that would be one less thing we would need to buy. Then we learned they left it because it didn’t work. One thing that you don’t normally take is light bulbs…but the people here took a bunch of light bulbs. That was just weird.

This morning we had a woman from an organisation called Hosting Power over to photograph our spare bedroom, kitchen and back garden. We are planning to rent out the room to international students starting in September. Ireland allows you to receive €14,000/year in rent tax-free. We won’t get anywhere near that, but we’re hoping this will help with expenses.

I am almost done with my first paper for my master’s program. It was due a couple of weeks ago, but I received an extension because of our move. The shift to academic writing was even more traumatic than I anticipated…Finally feeling like I’ve got a grasp on it though.

I am looking to have it completely written (other than some edits) by next Tuesday as my parents arrive for a few weeks. One of our little side trips is that we are taking them on the ferry over to Holyhead and then exploring Wales and western England.

Brenna has begun babysitting for a 4-year old boy with diabetes and his 2-year-old sister. She is currently working 2 to 4 days per week and is on the bus before 7 am and back after 6 pm.

Erin also got a new full-time job at a high-end shop in city centre, Fallon & Byrne. She dropped off her CV and within an hour got called for an interview and was working within days. She plans to keep working there until she finishes her last two university classes next autumn.

As you may have read in the recent newsletter, Hannah is planning to move to Glasgow in the fall. That will be a big change.

That’s about it from here…at least that is all that is coming to mind! Thank you for your prayers and for partnering with us on this journey!