Over the past few months we’ve been taking some space to share a bit about Christian Associates church planting model. As we mentioned early on, that model was one of the things that drew us to CA.

The third part is practice. Practice is the phase where you and the group you have gathered begin building in the DNA or culture of your new community. Basically, you begin intentionally living out the rhythms and practices that you want to see take place in your church.

For example, if you don’t regularly practice Sabbath (or praying for the sick, or whatever), trying to have that be part of the life of your church would seem difficult…and kind of odd. If it doesn’t flow out of who you are, or who this new community it is, it will be artificial, and not have the impact it could have otherwise.

Shortly before we left Ithaca, I wrote down some of the things that I’d like to see be central to the new church in Dublin. Something we are still playing with and praying about, but gives you a picture at least.  

1) Love God with our whole being and learn to live in the Love of Christ
2) Allow room for silence in my life
3) Embrace contemplative practices (daily office, Sabbath keeping, lectio divina, etc)
4) Pray for God’s kingdom to come in: my life, my family, my church, and my city.

1) Actively love my neighbor as myself. (point out as a married person, that begins with spouse…as a single person, acting towards all in a way the glorifies God)
2) Practice Hospitality (at least weekly open  up my home)
3) Live Generously with my time, my money & possessions, and my life.
4) Embrace Emotionally Healthy Practices
5) Live in community while respecting each other’s uniqueness.

1) Refuse to define myself by what I do and remember that I am a human being created in God’s image.
2) Actively eliminate hurry, busyness, the hectic from my life.
3) Reflect regularly on God’s history of faithfulness
4) Accept God’s limits as a gift.
1) Point others to a life giving relationship with Jesus
2) Embrace the sacred in every aspect of my life
3) Serve the poor & marginalized
4) Work to transform our community