I had hoped to have a post up yesterday dealing with another question we occasionally get asked here at the Vineyard.  However, my laptop had other ideas.  Not only did it crash & make me lose everything on the hard drive, when I went to back up from the Time Capsule, the file was corrupted.  Supposedly it can be fixed, but it isn’t yet.  Thankfully, we also have a Time Capsule @ home & although the most recent back up is a month old, things are looking a bit better than they were yesterday afternoon!  We’ll know for sure in 12 hours or so.

Anyway…I wanted to write and give everyone a heads up about the new message series we are kicking off ths Sunday, Great Sexpectations.  And you don’t need a lot of imagination to guess what the topic of the messages will be.  (so we’re moving from 4 weeks of what the Bible says about money, to 4 weeks of what the Bible says abou sex…I’m not sure where you go from there!)

I wanted to write this post for the sake of parents with young teens/tweens.  The topics we’ll discuss would probably carry a PG-13 rating if they were in the the theater.  While we have no intention of being provocative for shock value, we believe that sexuality is really at the core of who we are as humans and to avoid these subjects in church is to do a disservice to all of us.

If you’re like Liz & me, when you get into some of these conversations with your kids, they are simply exposed to a lot more than we ever were as kids…and I grew up with HBO piped into my house.  And the fact is, if your kids watch any tv or movies, or have friends at school, there will probably not be anything we’ll talk about that they haven’t already heard.

However, our goal will be to come at this from a biblical perspective, which will add a healthy piece to the conversation.  And if you’re wondering, we’re encouraging each of our kids (15, 13 & 11) to be in the service, & I”m a pretty protective dad!

If you simply don’t want your kids to be sitting through this, we understand that as well.  So what we’ll do over the next 4 Sundays is allow kids older than the normal range to sit in with the Vineyard Kids class.  If you’d like to do this, please simply stop by the sign in table in the lobby when you come in on Sunday.

Please be praying for this series, let’s believe God to bring a lot of healing & freedom to people’s lives!