Graig Groeschel Quotes

More from the Leadership Summit

“In order to reach people no one is reaching, you need to do things no one is doing…to do things no one is doing, we can’t do the things everyone is doing.”

“What is God trying to show you through your greatest limitation.”

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Leadership Summit

Traveled up to Syracuse for the Willow Creek Learedship Summit.

Some of my favorite quotes:

Gary Haugen

Do Jesus and I care about the same things?

If you want your leadership to matter, lead in things that matter to God.

I went on the trip but I missed the adventure.

Jesus did not come to make us safe, he came to make us brave.

Pray that God won’t leave us opening jam jars.

Bill George

Follow your compass not your clock.

Lead an integrated life.

Everyone who has failed as a leader didn’t fail to lead others, they failed to lead themselves.

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maybe someday I’ll outgrow this…

Over the past few years, one of my treats to myself has been ordering the MLB Extra Innings package so I can watch the Red Sox.  However, this summer I decided, there is simply too much going on between family & church stuff, so I decided to take a year off.  In fact, I haven’t even watched a full game this year.

But despite all the stuff I have to do, as the trading deadline nears…I spend way too much time hitting the refresh button on my browser trying to figure out if Manny is staying or going (he went).

Okay, enough wasted time…back to work…or maybe just one more peek…

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follow-up to Sunday

On Sunday I mentioned some research on marriage/divorce & contempt.  Here’s the link if you’d like to research this more.  interesting….

NPR Interview

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still a bit hazy…

Last week is a bit of a blur…

Sunday: Drive to Syracuse…Fly to JFK…Sleep on chairs in JFK

Monday: Get up at 5 am…Fly to New Orleans…Discover Cafe Du Monde

Tuesday & Wednesday:  Walk around New Orleans…fly back to Syracuse…get to bed at 2:30 am

Thursday: Up at 7:30 am for my one day in the office…get to bed too late.

Friday: Up at 4 am…leave at 5:30 for Cambridge, MA

(at some point on the drive to Cambridge, I remember my message from the previous Sunday where I said you needed to get enough sleep and rest on a regular basis.)

Friday – Saturday: Take part in Transformation Weekend.  Wow!

Sunday: Church @ the Boston Vineyard…Drive back to Ithaca…Baptize 4 people from the Ithaca Vineyard.  Go to bed (but sadly too tired to sleep).

Monday: One kid to the doctors in the morning…another to the doctor’s in the afternoon, in Syracuse.  Hope to catch up on some work later that night, but the thunderstorm knocked out the electricity & took care of that idea.

Tuesday: Go to moving up ceremony for my oldest kid.  Do I really have a kid in high school? (Of course when my dad was my age, his oldest was a senior in college).

Tonight I need to mow my lawn…& a good night sleep would be nice!

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transformation weekend

Wow.  I am exhausted.  I am excited.  I’m a little lost for words. Me as well as 9 others from the Ithaca Vineyard just completed going through Transformation Weekend (tw) at the Vineyard of Greater Boston.  We came here thinking that we might want to bring something like this to Ithaca…we left sure that we do.

One thing I love about the Vineyard is how they are really bad at making money.  I spoke for a while with the pastor here who oversees tw & he said if you want to do this, we’ll give you everything…teacher’s notes, student notes, all the promo & letters, etc.

Anyway, the weekend  was great.  The best words I heard to describe it were “it’s like a spiritual detox.”  I’ll get some of the people who went through it to post some thoughts as well.  I’m excited about seeing tw coming to Ithaca in the near future!

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New Orleans…

Despite JetBlue making it interesting on both ends of the trip, Liz & I had a really
relaxing time in New Orleans.

We spent most of our time walking around the French Quarter, trying to figure out places where Liz could get a gluten-free meal (not the easiest city to try & avoid wheat in), and just checking out the scenery.  We stayed off of email (although we did video chat with the kids a bit), & I only brought up work stuff 2 times!  Once I caught myself, & the other time Liz just said, “what are you doing?”

Tomorrow we head to Cambridge MA, with a bunch of people from the church to participate in Transformation Weekend at the Boston Vineyard.  We’ll let you know how it goes.

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it’s all about the adventure

So it’s Monday morning @ 5:45 & we are still @ JFK…but we’ll be on the plane in about 1 hour & in New Orleans by around 10 am…so by the time it is all said & done, we only lost about 12 hours in the Big Easy.  And hey, we would have slept most of them anyways.

But if everything had simply gone according to plan, we wouldn’t have been able to video chat with our kids for a couple hours in the Syracuse Airport.  I wouldn’t have been able to say, “I spent the night sleeping in an airport.”

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how nicely can you say, “but I don’t care?”

So here’s the deal…it is windy in NYC. so our flight into JFK is delayed..according to Jet Blue, the average flight out of JFK is delayed by 1:45…except our flight…

But they were very nice when they told us it stinks that they are dumping us in NYC again.

They were nice when they told us that it was too bad that we pre-paid for our hotel…& that we are not going to provide you a place to stay tonight.

When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me, “it isnt’ what you say, it’s how you say it…” Some times it is what you say…

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JetBlue Part 2.

So Liz & I are on our way for 3 days of relaxing in New Orleans…that screeching noise it Jet Blue slamming the brakes on our plans.  “Hey, you are going to miss your connecting flight by 10 minutes…do you mind staying in New York over night & then we’ll get you there some time tomorrow.”

I am going to relax….(that sound is me breathing deeply).

Did I mention we prepaid for our hotel in New Orleans tonight….

more to come…

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