Picture from our 2010 pastors' sabbath retreat in Idaho

Picture from our 2010 pastors’ sabbath retreat in Idaho

When we first connected with Communitas, we noticed that one of the things we’d need to do early on was attend a “Soul Care Retreat.’ In 2010 Liz and I attended a two-week long Pastor’s Sabbath Retreat, which remains one of the best experiences we’ve had ministry wise. So, while we are not sure exactly what a 4-day event such as this, we’re going into it with positive expectations.

An added benefit is that the event is being held in Co. Dublin, which means we don’t have to hop on a plane to get there…so that is a major positive!

Since the event is in Dublin we’ve been hosting a few Communitas staff over the past few days. We took a trip in to see the Book of Kells. (not sure if it is the 5th or 6th time I’ve been there, but when a lot of your guests are pastors or missionaries, what do expect they’ll want to see?)

So we’ll be heading to Lucan in around 90 minutes…meet up with some more Communitas staff and…then back on Sunday. Appreciate your prayers for us while we are there. We’ll give you some of the details in our monthly newsletter which will be coming out next week.