Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the weather has turned a bit colder over the past few weeks.  And while the storm that hit the east coast missed Ithaca, we can count on getting hit at least a couple times this year.

When we were meeting downtown, we said that regardless of how bad the weather was, we wouldn’t cancel the service.  While we would never want anyone driving in dangerous conditions, James, Liz & I all lived within walking distance, and the thought of walking to church in a blizzard actually sounded kind of fun.  Thankfully, that has never happened.

With our recent move up on one of the hills, we’ve decided to reevaluate our cancellation policy.  So, if the weather warrants it, we will cancel the church service.

So how will you find out?  If you call the church office to check, no one will be there, so here’s what we’ll do…If we end up cancelling a service, or even if we are in “wait and see mode, ” we will keep you up-to-date through three methods:

1) We will post it on the home page.

2) We will post it on the Ithaca Vineyard Facebook page.

3) We will post it on Twitter.  And with Twitter, you can set it up to send you a text message when something comes out from the Vineyard)

Hopefully we never need to think about this, but we do live in upstate NY, so better to have it in place!