As I mentioned in our monthly e-newsletter (you can subscribe here), I’ve been trying to figure out how to set up all of our web stuff in such a way that it makes sense.

Although this blog started out as my personal blog, it has over the past year or two become more and more focused on sharing a lot of family/Dublin type stuff. We’d even switched the name of it last fall to

The site was where we were putting stuff about, as you might have guessed, our upcoming church plant in Dublin.

While you might not have noticed, it ended up being confusing in my head (as it probably is in yours right about now).

At the same time, while this blog has been up and running for about 5 years now, yet with having more and more family stuff posted here, it was likely limiting those who stopped by to only those who knew our family personally. (“Oh wait, some random family I’ve never met moved to some city where I’ve never been? I’ve gotta read that!”)

So last November, between deciding to focus more on the job hunt, and the stress of trying to make the web stuff make any sense, I decided to take a blogging hiatus. Although I was planning for it last about 3 months, the lack of internet in our home for 8 weeks, extended it a bit more.

At this point I’ve decided to pick this up and start writing again. I’ve missed it. At the same time, I think I’ve learned some things during the break.

I believe I’ve also figured out a way to structure all the web type stuff we’ve got here in a way that makes sense.

Currently we have 4 websites that are up and running:

  • will serve as a landing page for all of my web stuff. It will have a brief bio and links to my social media stuff as well as the various websites. In case you’re wondering, this is a new site. .ie is the domain for Ireland, and it will serve as a simple way to point people to all of our web stuff.
  • has been trimmed down dramatically and will serve mainly as an informational site for our upcoming church plant on Dublin’s Northside. (the hope is to have 4-8 short posts/month on this site)
  • will now be a stand-alone site, and will be about our family’s journey to Ireland and stories about learning to live in a new City/Country/Continent. (the plan is to have 2 posts/week on this site)
  • And finally, this site will go back to being my regular blog. It will be a bit more focused on leadership, church stuff and the occasional random thing that happens across my brain. (the plan is to have 3 posts/week on this site)

We are still setting up various bells & whistles on each of the sites, but I’ve come to realize that if I wait until I have them all just the way I want them before I roll them out, I’ll be waiting a really long time.


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I hope you’ll have a look around, and I’d love to get your thoughts.