About a year ago, Liz and I talked about moving.  Not away from Ithaca, but trying to find a place in more of a neighborhood.  The furnace had just died, and we were trying to figure out whether we should just get a basic system thinking we would move, or if we were going to stay, paying the money to get a really good system. After going back and forth, we decided to stay here until the kids were all out of school. So we had the furnace, the humidifier, and the high-tech electro-static air filter installed and then refinanced the house in May.

Things have a tendency of changing.  Liz and I are a bit different in quite a few ways.  She likes stability and consistency.  I thrive on change.   But of course, after just finishing a gruelling 18-month building project at the church, I was looking forward to some stability and consistency as well.  “Not gonna happen.”

In 1970, my parents moved from our apartment in Dunkirk, NY to Brocton, NY.  (they still live there).  In 1984, I left Brocton to move to Oswego for College.  Since then my moving pattern has looked like this:

1985 – Back to Brocton to attend college near home.
1987 – Moved to Fredonia for senior year of college.
1988 – Back to Brocton to live while I did an internship with my campus fellowship.
1989 – Moved to Colonie, NY to start a campus fellowship @ SUNY Albany.
Spring 1990 – Back to Brocton for the summer, to be near Liz while she finished college.
Summer 1990 – Back to Colonie (new apartment).
1992 – Moved to an apartment in Albany closer to campus.
1994 – Moved to downtown Ithaca to start a campus fellowship at Cornell
1996 – Bought our first house up on South Hill
Summer 2002 – Sold house.  Moved in with friends while we looked for a new house.
Fall 2002 – Moved to our current home.

So, that is 12 moves in 26 years.  And as my daughter Hannah pointed out, it took a 6 year stretch on South Hill & a 7 year stay here so that I average over 2 years in any one place over the past 26 years.

And Liz & I have been married since 1990, so, she’s been part of everything since then.

So, all of that to say, we are about to make another move. And although we are not leaving the area, we are moving out of Ithaca in order to move out of the school district.  As many of you know, one of our daughters was attacked 2 times at her school last year (one of those events involved us going to court and getting an order of protection against a girl with a history of violence and other criminal activity).  Unfortunately, we have learned that girls who bully on their own at the middle school tend to form gangs at the high school.  We decided that we simply couldn’t send our daughter into that situation and hope that everything went okay.

With all of that in mind, Liz & I have decided to move to another school district until our 3 kids are out of school.  Thankfully, there are a number of good districts in the area, and one of them, Trumansburg, is where our kids’ close friends go to school.

This all came up pretty fast, but in praying about this, and talking to friends, we are excited about the move and believe that this not only the direction that God is leading us, it is the best thing for our family at this point.

So, we started looking at houses yesterday, and plan to have ours listed in the next 2 weeks (of course, if anyone would like to buy it before then, that’d be great too!)

We would appreciate your prayers as we go through this process.