So, for the past several months I had this idea.  Once I was done working at the Vineyard at the end of May, I would start writing daily blog entries about the process we are going through as we move to Dublin. I imagined having hours each day to write…to finish up our support raising. Yeah, not so much.

June was intense from start to finish. Last week was probably one of the most chaotic and difficult weeks that Liz & I have ever experienced. Between moving out of the apartment, stuff with kids, needing to spend 3 days downstate, etc…it was emotionally and physically overwhelming.

Just to give you an idea…I drove to Syracuse to drop our stuff off with a shipper on Friday. Now, we have lived in Ithaca for 18 years and I have probably driven to Syracuse 400 times during that time. I missed 3 turns on the way there. And if you’ve made that trip, there really aren’t that many turns to make.

Liz and I are still doing well in the midst of the chaos…but we’d still appreciate your prayers for our family.  I don’t think you can fully grasp how a transition like this impacts a teenager until you walk through it with them.

So in the meantime, we are still here…for the next two weeks at least!