This morning I was getting ready to make breakfast for everyone, but needed to go out & buy some eggs (since last night’s egg nog used the last of them.)

While driving along the coast, I noticed that the water looked higher than normal. I drove down a bit further and saw that we had a bit of flooding overnight. Thought I’d share a couple of pictures of the damage.

This gives you an idea of how high the water was:

This one shows how high it had risen before beginning to recede (there was an amazing number of soccer/footballs in the debris.)

Further down the Promenade:

Measures were being taken to deal with the flood:

And the Coast Guard was out too…

A few other photos are up over here if you’d care to see them…

While we did have a very wet New Years, it was almost 50 degrees Farenheit!

Hope your new year is off to an interesting start as well!