On Sunday morning we’ll be talking about the 4th commandment…honoring the sabbath.  And then afterwards, Liz & I are hoping on a plane to New Orleans for an extended, 3-day sabbath.  We are taking one computer so that we can video chat with the kids each day while we are gone, but there’ll be no work…no email…and no phone calls from people other than our kids or the people watching them (my parents)!

So why are we going to New Orleans?  Besides to rest & hang out.  Remember the big storm in February 07, when Jet Blue stranded tons of people in NYC?  Well, we were two of those people. And in addition to refunding the cost of the tickets, they also gave us vouchers for two more tickets…

And as crazy as it was trying to figure out how we were going to get from NYC to Ithaca with out a car…a 3-day trip to New Orleans with nothing to do makes up for it pretty well.

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